Marko Vrdoljak to date has published eleven photography monographs: "Zagreb County", "Brijuni National Park" (2010), "Amazing Croatia", "Nerezine", "Risnjak National Park", "Zagreb", "Lošinj Archipelago", "The Size of Modesty", photography monograph on the beauty of the female body "1/250 sec, f16, xx", "Brijuni National Park" (2016) and coauthors monograph with painter Dimitrije Popović «They are here».

In addition to other awards and acknowledgements, Vrdoljak also won the most prestigious professional award in Croatia, "Tošo Dabac", for his vast contribution to the affirmation of artistic photography and the overall art of photography in Croatia.

Vrdoljak photographic work has also been acknowledged by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, which has signed a contract with the author for the realization of four exhibitions: "Amazing Croatia 1", "Amazing Croatia 2", "Blue-green Croatia" and "Beauties of Croatia", including a total of 166 photographs of all parts of Croatia, with the aim of showing Croatia's beauty to the world.

Vrdoljak photograph "Sheep Paradise", taken in Lika, was chosen as the cover photo for the 50th issue of DigitalFoto Magazin, which became the first cover featuring the work of a Croatian photographer. Furthermore, his photographs of the Greek statue of Apoxiomenos were included in the official catalogue of the British Museum, "Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art".

Vrdoljak is also the author of official photo archives of the city of Zagreb, Opatija, Rijeka, Lošinj archipelago, Zagreb County, Risnjak and Brijuni national park, Museum of Apoxyomenos, Franciscan monastery of the City of Cres and the projects "My Piece of Land", "Zagreb Time Machine" and "EDEN" for Croatian national tourist board.

He has presented his work in hundreds of exhibitions held in Croatia, USA, Canada, Russia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Iceland, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belgium, Vatican, Latvia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Algeria and Korea and his exhibitions were opened in many prestigious places such as the United Nations Headquarters in New York, National Museum of Fine Arts in Algeria, Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik, Mimara Museum in Zagreb, Parliament of the Republic of Poland in Warsaw, the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome, etc.

In addition to his photographic work, Vrdoljak is also an awarded filmmaker, whose film "Pulse of the City – Zagreb", "Brijuni - The Hidden Paradise" and "Color Your Christmas With Zagreb" won multiple awards, as well as the author of official promotional films for the island of Lošinj, Zagreb County, The Island of Rab, Museum of Apoxyomenos, City of Opatija and the full-length film "Seven Days of Creation" about the mysterious life in a Dominican monastery in Dubrovnik.

In addition to complete recording of photography, video and audio material for the Brijuni Museum, Vrdoljak regularly holds photography workshops in the Brijuni National Park, Tuscany and Thailand. Besides holding lectures at photography clubs in the region, and giving occasional speeches at the Faculty of Science, Graphics School, School of Applied Arts and Design, as well as lectures organised by the Union of Croatian Independent Travel Agents, the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board, he continuously works on the promotion of the art of photography.