Photography workshop
National Park Brijuni

Explore the mysterious world of the spectacular National Park Brijuni, (Croatia), under the guidance of a multi-award winning professional photographer and cameraman Marko Vrdoljak, the author of the official film, photomonography and photo archive of this unique archipelago. Discover why a part of world history took place at the Brijuni archipelago and improve your skills regarding taking pictures of nature, wildlife, historical buildings, archaeological sites, landscapes and much more, in a matter of days. This workshop will give you an exclusive insight into the secrets of the Mali Brijun and Vanga Islands and the "Saline" ornithological reserve that are rarely accessible to the public.

Join us 24.- 28.5.2023.

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670 EUR (VAT included)

(description of additional arrangements can be found in the Program)

The price includes

A welcome drink

• Four bed & breakfast, 4 dinners, sojourn tax at Hotels Neptun / Karmen on Brijuni Islands

All activities included in the workshop programme and visits to all scheduled places (lectures, organisation)

Use of an electric vehicle (4 participants per vehicle)

Boat trip to Mali Brijun Island included in the workshop programme

Permission to photograph all locations listed in the workshop programme

Entry ticket to Brijuni National Park for the duration of the workshop

Boat ticket for the Fažana-Brijuni-Fažana route and an unlimited number of daily transfers for the duration of the workshop. The boat travels according to a scheduled timetable (

Not included in the price

Transport of participants to and from Fažana

Extra costs (drinks at bars, telephone, mini bar, paid TV, additional services not included in the programme)


Ivo Šubić: Thank you all for your company, for the laughter, fun, education, long late night conversations, long walks exploring Brijuni in the day, and most of all, thank you Marko for making all this possible. One couldn't wish for a better company!

Sergej Jonke: ...what can I say... except: I would like a lifetime subscription, if possible...

Ksenija Keča: Dear Marko, thank you for a wonderful experience of Brijuni and the excellent organisation of the photography workshop. We are following you and looking forward to all your future projects!

Irena Sedmak: Thank you very much for the company, enjoyment, and even the exhaustion. Thanks to everyone, and especially Marko. It is great to know there are other lovers of nature, of the quiet, the chirping of birds... Being completely separated from the rest of the world – priceless. The only thing I regret, which I will change the next time, is that I didn't get up at 5 a.m. every morning to go looking for deer. Marko, thank you. You have won me over for a lifetime.

Katarina Ćirković: Thank you for selfless sharing of hidden beauties and wonderful frames, which bring a smile to one's face. I hope we will meet soon and look forward to it!

Ines Habereiter: Thank you all for your company, laughter, good atmosphere, and good advice. I would also like to thank Marko for his guidance and remarks. I'm definitely infected and hope to be accepted to the club of recidivists.

Lidija Mrše: Marko, thank you for the encouragement. It was an unforgettable experience!

Target groups

The Brijuni National Park photography workshop is appropriate for all levels of knowledge and experience regarding photography, as well as for those who are not at all familiar with photography, but are interested to take a look at the secrets of the Brijuni NP through a photographic approach. Beginners will surely discover a wish to explore the magic world of photography, while experienced photographers will have an opportunity to learn more through many of the workshop's challenges and photographing of rarely accessible locations. All participants will witness an immense amount of beautiful photographic scenes, which have brought the attention of generations of people to this archipelago for centuries, and the programme is designed to use the time to the maximum for photographing, acquiring knowledge about photography, and spending time in nature. The workshop program is intended for people who are 18 and older and younger participants must be accompanied.


Contacts and help

For all additional questions, feel free to contact the workshop leader Marko Vrdoljak on e-mail address: